A Truly Award-Winning Service

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Over a 10-year period, GroundScope has continually achieved the very highest recognition from multiple respected industry bodies for the quality of our work. Now, we’d like to share some of our success stories with you.

From 2007, here’s a summary of everything you need to know about the awards we have won.

Hitting the ground running

In 2007, GroundScope broke away from our parent company and we became independent. This provided our management team and staff with the level of influence we needed on how we want to provide our service, down to the last detail. Within a year, we had won several large corporate clients who came to rely on us to meet all of their ground transportation needs.

Shortly thereafter, in 2010, we appeared on our first ever award shortlist.

The first award – Start Up Stars Awards

We made it onto the list of finalists on HSBC’s “National Search for the UK’s Most Promising Start-up Businesses and the Inspirational Entrepreneurs Behind Them” in the most competitive region, London.

The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100

It wasn’t just our promising ideas that we won awards for – there were also awards for our financial performance as a business. We appeared on The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 as one of the top 100 private tech companies with the highest rate of sales growth.

The Business Travel Awards

The Business Travel Awards, in the words of their promoters, “recognise and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the most deserving organisations and individuals in the business travel industry.”

We have been nominated and shortlisted for a few different awards across many years by the Business Travel Awards. Let’s start with the first one, in 2012.


This was the first time that GroundScope’s achievements had been recognised by the association. What separates this award from many others is that the competition is a lot tighter. On other shortlists, we were competing against companies which were operating in different industries to ours. Now, we were competing against our peers.

2012 was the first time we secured the place of “Finalist” in the “Best Ground Transportation Company” category. This was quite the achievement considering that the company was only 5 years old at the time.


In 2014, we achieved the same success. Once again, the Business Travel Awards rated our service so highly to make us a “Finalist” once again in the same category of “Best Ground Transportation Company”.


This year, we started to become more integrated into our Service Partners’ booking systems. Because of this, we were in line to win two important awards in 2015. The first award was another appearance as a “Finalist” in the “Best Ground Transportation Company” category.

And secondly, we found ourselves in the limelight as “Finalists” in the “Best Self Booking Tool” category for the first time.


In 2016, we were selected as “Finalists” in both the “Best Ground Transportation Company” and “Best Self Booking Tool” categories again.


For three years running, we have been nominated as “Finalists” in the same really competitive categories. This track record of success and recognition has greatly helped the value of our brand and our company.


We were happy to be once again “Finalists” as the Best Ground Transportation Company category at the Business Travel Awards 2019. We also presented the Rising Star of the Year award at the event.


More to come in the future

That was the past. We now look forward to building a service that will bring many more awards and nominations our way in the future. With the introduction and user-led refinement of our market-leading app along with improvement to many other valued service features, we hope to have a seat at the Business Travel Awards again.

See our service, first-hand

If you would like to experience our award winning service for yourself, contact us. We offer a comprehensive ground transportation platform that is entirely unique. For more information about our services and how we can help your business, email us at customerservices@groundscope.co.uk

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