How we ensure that your trip goes smoothly and safely

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With over 600 ground transport Service Partners around the world, how do the GroundScope team ensure that, wherever you are in the world, your trip and your experience with us goes smoothly every time? How can we be so sure of your staff member’s safety when they’re being transported to their destination by one of our Service Partners.

Before your staff member steps into a vehicle in one of the  500 cities we provide  a service in , a lot has had to happen for us to be able to make sure that the allocated vehicle and its driver is in the right place at the right time, ready to get you from A to B. In this article, we explain every precaution and every step taken by the GroundScope team to ensure you receive a safe, reliable and cost effective service – every time you travel with us.

On time in the place you expect it

Underpinning all our technology and the partnerships we have in place with ground transportation companies around the world is ease of use of booking on our technology and meeting traveller expectations. It’s got to be quick and simple for users to book with us and the car you’ve booked must arrive on time, every time – without exception.

Once you have made a booking with your selected Service Partner GroundScope take full responsibility for ensuring that your car arrives on time. Our technology and management team monitor all bookings and if  for whatever reason the Service Partner you have selected has an issue and cannot provide the service you have booked then GroundScope’s management and fulfilment teams take responsibility for finding another Service Provider who can fulfil the trip and at the same cost as your original booking. We’ll take care of everything to make sure that your itinerary is not disrupted in any way and we will communicate with you that a different Service Partner will be driving you to your location for the time that you need to arrive.

Arriving at any airport after  a long flight but particularly to an airport you are unfamiliar with in a country you don’t know can be unnerving  so all our Service Providers provide a “ meet and greet service “ and meet you at the airport arrivals hall and assist you with your luggage to the car .

One of the reasons many companies approach us to work with them on their ground transportation provision is the disconcerting habit employed by many taxi firms around the world to wait no more than 10 minutes past their pick up time and then drive off, or for charging you excessive waiting time particularly at airports. We contract with all our Service Partners to call GroundScope if they cannot find you so we can contact you and keep the car ready for your needs and we provide 30 minutes free waiting time at airport collections. Our system also allows you to request your pickup time later than the flight arrival so you can shop or take a shower and not incur waiting time charges.  

A select range of ground transportation partners

One major and recurring fear expressed to us by clients is the issue of getting into a taxi from a rouge firm who are unlicensed. This is a global issue and our clients have our absolute assurance that all our Service Partners have been fully vetted to ensure that they are licensed and insured and that their executives, employees, or contractors away on business will not be exposed to this risk.

Every time we consider an application from a potential Service Partner around the world, they all undergo an extensive period of investigation and due diligence before we accept them onto our platform. We demand to see original copies of all relevant documentation, including operator licences, vehicle licenses, driving licences, insurance policies, and criminal record checks. Whenever a particular document is due to expire, it is a condition of continued partnership that we see the originals of the new documents and if they do not provide the required documentation our  system automatically removes them from our booking platform- providing you with peace of mind.

Cost-effective and fully-manageable spend

We review the rates of all our Service Partners to ensure that they charge cost-effective rates for their services which are passed onto you. There is no surge pricing – ever. For our service to work for clients, it must be both affordable and predictable. Being a ground transportation partner to GroundScope gives our partners access to well-paid and regular work – so  our Service Partners agree to charge rates to our clients often at a discount to the rate on offer by non-contracted taxi and transport firms in their local areas and these discounts are passed directly onto you.

Constant investment in our technology

As a business we have constantly invested in our booking systems to provide a quick and easy booking experience for bookers and travellers. We have also connected our booking platform to leading proprietary online booking tools such as Concur and Amadeus Cytric as well as GDS systems including Amadeus Transfers, Sabre and Travelport allowing customers choice in how they make bookings so that they can book directly with GroundScope or via their TMC.  In addition, we have integrated with and taxi dispatch management systems in order to provide the quickest and most reliable booking experience.

The ground transport sector is a dynamic and competitive part of the business travel sector and wherever possible GroundScope launch new technology that improves the booking , management, and payment process for clients.  During the process of integrating a new ground transportation partner, we adapt their existing technology to enable seamless communication and interaction with the technology and platforms we have at our UK headquarters to ensure continued smooth provision of our services to business travellers around the world.

Responsibility stops with GroundScope

From start to finish, from booking, service delivery and billing to providing management reporting information after the trip, GroundScope is responsible for delivering the complete service. From the launch of our company over ten years ago, we wanted to provide a service designed to meet the specific needs of corporate travellers, we understand that corporate clients need an easy to book , safe , reliable cost effective ground transport service and that the reason  you send your staff  away from the office is for commercial reasons and we wanted to provide a service to you which met all your needs whilst  your staff were away on business.

We manage the ground transport service partners to ensure our service meets your travellers’ expectations. Our 500 service partners around the world all sign up to our service level agreement and is a non-negotiable requirement of becoming a partner to us. GroundScope provide corporate clients with a high-level service with a demonstrable duty of care to ensure that, when away on business, using our service helps you to achieve your business goals by providing what you need when you need it.

Choice is also important. In  cities around the world, we have multiple ground transportation partners and we understand that you may also have preferred service partners which we can also set up in any city you require- at no cost to you or the serviced partner. If you have a favourite service partner  you can specify them via our booking platform or  our booking app.

Should anything arise that causes you upset or disruption, GroundScope’s customer services  team takes ownership of the issue with the goal of resolving the issue quickly and to your satisfaction.

If you would like to experience our award winning service for yourself, please contact us. We offer a comprehensive ground transportation platform that cuts costs, increases safety, and is entirely unique and customisable to you. Contact us today to set up an account.

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