GroundScope Management Information Report – a life changer

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Ground transportation is a complex and time-consuming business travel category for corporate clients to manage due to the high number of different taxi companies used by travellers  which makes it is a challenge to monitor ground travel spend and service quality across the organisation

Because of the lack of commercial transparency in the category complex extra charges including waiting time, tolls, extra stops are frequently added to the journey price but never highlighted beforehand, this makes it hard for corporate clients to know how much travellers are actually paying for each individual trip.

The fragmented supply base where different taxi companies are used in different areas and/or by different teams within a company also makes it even harder to control the quality of the service and, consequently, to ensure that travellers duty of care is delivered at all times. 

This lack of meaningful management information in the category makes this area of spend a challenging area to manage for many corporations. GroundScope’s monthly MI client data report provides clients with details of exactly what the organisation has spent by month and with whom and highlights the quality of service each Service Partner provides.

GroundScope aim is to provide a safe, reliable and cost effective service to corporate clients and our service supports the duty of care to travellers and we try to make travel managers’ life easier.  With us, clients can book a fully vetted taxi service – globally – in one platform and they can also have all their ground transportation spend detailed in one report which among other benefits,  brings costs and service quality under control.

GroundScope detailed managed information report includes:

  • o            Spend by cost centre, division, and country
  • o            Spend by service provider
  • o            Service levels (by service provider and service level agreement)
  • o            Summary of customer service issues
  • o            Environmental data, including carbon emissions
  • o            Number of passengers in a vehicle
  • o            Whether the trip was ride shared
  • o            Waiting Time charges
  • o            Vehicle type used: standard, executive, electrical/hybrid

If you want to know more details on GroundScope Management Information Report, please contact us and we will send you a sample report.

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