Reasons to use GroundScope’s service

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Quality of service provision

If you don’t book a taxi via GroundScope you really have no idea how good a local provider is until you’ve used their services. Our clients use
GroundScope to enjoy that certainty that our ground transportation service providers are safe, reliable and cost effective.

When a local transportation firm becomes a GroundScope partner, they are bound by a detailed and specific service level agreement to which they must adhere. Both our local partner company and GroundScope are there to provide your travellers with a safe, reliable, high quality service. If there is a service issue GroundScope take ownership of the problem and we resolve any issues on your behalf with the Service Partner to your satisfaction.


Predictability in pricing

Transparent charging underpins GroundScope’s world-class provision of services to our clients – there is one fixed rate per Service Partner, and we don’t permit Service Partners to engage in surge pricing. We don’t take kickbacks from our Service Partners – we are completely supplier neutral and make no money from Service Partners.


The ability to monitor all spend via our detailed Management Information

The GroundScope system and our local ground transportation partners’ integration with our app and IT systems means that we can deliver the following information to you on a monthly basis:

Spend by cost centre, division and country

Spend by service provider

Service levels (by service provider and service level agreement) 

Summary of customer service issues

Environmental data, including carbon emissions


A growing international network of world-class, business-orientated ground transportation partners

Plug your company or organisation into the GroundScope platform. With our newly improved app, staff can book a car globally in the knowledge that all our partner taxi companies are fully vetted with fixed, non-surge pricing. On our app, travellers can rate their driver, perform Google location look-ups, and highlight their favourite taxi company for future bookings.


If you would like to experience our award winning service for yourself, contact us. We offer a comprehensive ground transportation platform
that is entirely unique and customisable to you. Cut costs, and increase safety. Contact us today to set up an account

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