How GroundScope ensure client’s safety and security?

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Since we launched GroundScopes service in 2008, the safety and security of our clients take priority over everything else we do.

Our safety and security policies and protocols are under constant review and their fundaments lie in secure client data storage, in careful staff vetting, and in a rigorous series of tests and ongoing requirements for our 500 service partners around the world.

Client safety and security is a critical part of the DNA of the GroundScope and all its activities. GroundScope have protocols and principles in place to provide all clients with the peace of mind they require when travelling with us on for business.


Safety when travelling

There is a thorough process which prospective service partners have to go through prior to being allowed onto our platform. We ensure that they are fully licensed and insured, checking original copies of operator licences, vehicle licenses, drivers’ licences, and insurance certificates. When a certificate or a piece of documentation is updated, we require the service partner to send us the original which we photocopy for our records and is then sent back.

GroundScope also requires its ground transportation partners to sign a detailed service level agreement guaranteeing the quality, the timeliness, the provision of information, and the scale of charging of their services to clients.

The staff working within GroundScope are also fully vetted including criminal record checks, employment history checks, and county court judgement and financial history checks. No one is exempt from this vetting.

When a client’s employee is being transported by our service provider, GroundScope provides clients with an always-open customer support desk for any service query, billing query, or booking query they may have. Staff are available by phone or email 24/7/365 days a year.


Financial protection

GroundScope already provides clients with the highest level of payment and financial security with our careful adherence to the internationally recognised PCI standards.

All our credit card details are stored in a highly secure dedicated server and are encrypted so no one can see the details.


Digital security and privacy

The introduction of GDPR in 2018 brought into focus the importance of protecting sensitive personal and financial details from being stolen or passed to anyone incorrectly.

We hold all client data including the names, addresses, and credit card details of travellers at Rack Space – a very secure data hosting facility also used by the Ministry of Defence. Rack Space employ sophisticated controlled intruder detection and data protection at their facility in which our own physical computers are stored on a private, encrypted secure physical platform.


Cleaning & Safety Procedures

GroundScope and our global Service Partners have implemented the following cleaning and safety procedures to ensure that we provide the safest service to our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

  • All cars internally sanitised before every customer trip
  • All drivers will wear a face covering
  • Drivers self-health check daily, for
    temperature or cough and will not work if they show any COVID-19 symptoms
  • No physical contact between the driver and passenger
  • All passengers must travel in the rear of the vehicle
  • Removal of all printed materials in the car
  • No refreshments will be provided by the driver including mints or water
  • No cash or credit card payments in the car – all trips are paid for via the GroundScope secure booking platform   

This is our minimum global standard and many of our Service Partners have also implemented regular enhanced electrostatic disinfectant cleaning.


A positive choice for GroundScope

GroundScope works with many of the world’s leading corporations in the following sectors Aerospace, IT, Finance, Pharma, Engineering, Retail, Banking and Insurance providing them and their executives with integrated, choice-driven, safe, reliable and fully managed ground transportation service.

If you would like to experience our award-winning service, contact us. We offer a comprehensive ground transportation platform, mobile app and 24/7 Customer Support Service for any queries you may have.

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