DataArt Partners with GroundScope to Create World-Class Cloud-Based Booking System

New York, London, Munich, Zug — December 2, 2021 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, has partnered with GroundScope, a leading ground transportation booking platform. DataArt has made a significant contribution to GroundScope’s rapidly expanding business by providing sophisticated technical support to power the company’s booking business.

GroundScope and DataArt have collaborated to deliver a more reliable, and more secure ground transportation platform. The new system reduces operational costs by simplifying internal and external processes and moving from legacy infrastructure to a cloud solution.

“We’re very pleased to have DataArt as a partner. Their combination of travel industry experience with technical expertise helped us achieve our goals faster and run our business much more efficiently,” said John McCallion, CEO at GroundScope“The new system allows us to manage and operate the business more cost-effectively and provide a faster response time to all customer booking requests. The new system makes it easier to connect with our supply chain and travel partners via an API.”

The COVID-19 pandemic offered an opportunity to migrate to the new platform given the reduced demand during lockdown. The new solution is cloud-based, replacing the legacy system with improved mobile apps for bookings on the go. By automating internal and external processes and moving off legacy infrastructure to the cloud, the solution enables GroundScope to onboard more clients faster and provide stable and reliable service, facilitating a more rapid growth in the business and reducing operating costs.

Anton Krasikov, Senior Account Manager at DataArt said, “It has been a long transformational journey for both GroundScope and our team. We’re delighted that we have successfully implemented a new web booking tool that offers GroundScope customers greater ease of use with enhanced data security. The contemporary design of the platform makes it easier to book trips and improves the back-office interface. The new solution also greatly speeds up integrations with additional service partners and booking providers, establishing a solid foundation for GroundScope’s long-term growth.

The DataArt team has worked on the project for the past two years, providing complete IT development and supporting further integration and plans to develop new features.

About GroundScope

GroundScope is a fully managed, global car service designed exclusively for business customers. Its innovative, easy-to-use booking tool provides access to a global network of fully vetted ground transport providers. GroundScope’s consolidated worldwide buying power gives clients excellent value for money, while a commitment to innovation, technology, and customer care ensures high-quality service.

The company’s range of services add value to businesses and make the booking experience easy and stress free for both travelers and bookers. Customers can access the service via an online booking tool as well as through its new mobile app, making it possible for customers to take advantage of GroundScope’s leading-edge platform wherever they are.

About DataArt

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. With over 20 years of experience, teams of highly trained engineers around the world, and deep industry sector knowledge, we deliver high-value, high-quality solutions that our clients depend on, and lifetime partnerships they believe in.