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Benefits of using a fully managed global ground transportation service

GroundScope is designed to attend the specific needs of the corporate market and we have been building our expertise on business travellers needs over the last decade. Below are some advantages of booking with us: Reliability – On time every time When it comes to picking up our travellers, GroundScope does it on time every […]

Working from home – some tips from GroundScope to make it a healthy experience

As a result of the COVD-19 pandemic, many offices around the world have been closed and employees were requested to work from home. Staying more at home can be good but it is still important, and possible, to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Creating a productive routine that balances work, family, and leisure is key and […]

Margarita Berga, BTA 2020 “Rising Start of the Year” discusses her career to date and what motivates her to deliver the best possible customer service to her clients.

Margarita Berga was the winner of the 2020 “Rising Star of the Year” award at the Business Travel Awards held in London in February . GroundScope are proud to sponsor this award as it is a great way to identify the future leaders in our industry and recognise and celebrate their unique contribution. Margarita is […]

GroundScope are delighted to be shortlisted again for the Best Ground Transportation Company at the Business Travel Awards 2020

GroundScope are very proud and honoured to be shortlisted again for the Best Ground Transportation Company in the 2020 Business Travel Awards GroundScope are focused on developing a world class business that provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective global ground transportation service to corporate clients which removes uncertainty and reduces the general stress of business […]

Business Travel Awards 2020 – Rising Star of the Year

GroundScope would like to congratulate all the Business Travel Awards  Rising Star of the Year award shortlisted candidates – Noreen Aslam, Margarita Berga, Cally Davenport, Charitha Hettiarachchi, Jenni Mack and James Mulholland – a truly fantastic achievement. As a technology enabled service business, people are at the heart of everything we do at GroundScope and […]

How GroundScope ensures client safety and security

Since we launched in 2008, the safety and security of our clients takes priority over everything else we do. The safety and security of our clients is only one facet of our wide range of services however, no matter how well we do in every other category, this is the one for which our clients […]

Doing due diligence on ground transport providers

Every year, 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads with millions more seriously injured. As the level of business travel continues to increase year on year, death and injuries on the road are becoming problems in areas regularly visited by business travellers. Other worrying factors for business travellers to think about are opportunistic crime, […]

How we ensure that your trip goes smoothly and safely

With over 600 ground transport Service Partners around the world, how do the GroundScope team ensure that, wherever you are in the world, your trip and your experience with us goes smoothly every time? How can we be so sure of your staff member’s safety when they’re being transported to their destination by one of […]

Why use a managed car booking company like GroundScope?

Whichever country in the world you or your executives are travelling to, there will be a myriad of local ground transportation options available to them – from taxis to executive cars to vehicle rentals. So, why should you use a managed car booking company like GroundScope? In this article, our team detail the main reasons […]

The hidden cost of business travel

According to the Aberdeen Group who collect and analyse data on buyer behaviour, up to 70% of companies want to find new ways to manage their travel-related corporate expenses. The New York Business Journal reported that companies spend 10% or more of their annual expenditure on employee travel expenses. The problem is that it’s genuinely […]